St. Johns Hospice
St. John’s Hospice, Lancaster

As the club is growing and students are progressing through the grades and gaining more confidence, Carnforth Karate Club and St. Martins Junior Karate Club are looking at getting more and more involved within the community. We are available for variety for events listed below.

As a non profit making club we do not charge, if you would like to make a donation to the club fund it would go towards training equipment, etc. Or alternatively you can give a donation to our fund raising events that will be donated to St. John’s Hospice at the end of the year. From 2013, we have raised over £6,000 for St. John’s Hospice, along with our friends at St. Martins Junior Karate Club.

  • Demonstrations
  • Taster Sessions
  • Fund Raising Events
  • Charity Events
  • Sport Events
  • For Schools
  • Self Defense courses
  • If it is not on the list, feel free to ask.